Privacy Policy Statement

  1. Pledge
    Kai Tak Sports Park Limited (“KTSPL”) recognizes and understands that customers and website visitors are concerned about the privacy of information. KTSPL pledges to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) of the Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

    This Privacy Policy Statement outlines KTSPL’s practices and the choices you have concerning the collection and use of your personal data.

  2. Collection of Information
    You may be invited to provide to KTSPL your personal data on KTSPL’s website(s) or through other media on a voluntary basis for different purposes at different times. If you are under the age of 18, you should obtain consent from your parent or guardian before you provide KTSPL with your personal data.

  3. Log Files
    When you visit KTSPL’s website(s), the servers of KTSPL will only collect data relating to your visits (including but not limited to your IP address, domain name, browser type and access time) but will not collect your personal data.

  4. Use of Cookies and other Tracking Mechanisms
    When you browse the website(s) of KTSPL, cookies will be stored in your computers, mobile phones or other devices for internal navigation and programming only. We may use cookies and other tracking mechanisms described below to track information about your use of KTSPL’s website(s) or mobile application(s). We may combine this information with other personal information we collect from you to better serve you and/or maintain your information across multiple pages within or across one or more sessions.

    Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computers, mobile phones or other devices through your web browser for record-keeping purposes. Some cookies allow us to make it easier for you to navigate KTSPL’s website(s) or mobile application(s), while others are used to enable a faster log-in process, or to allow us to store and track information about your interests and preferences at KTSPL’s website(s) or mobile application(s).

    We may also engage third parties to track and analyse non-personally identifiable data from the website(s) or mobile application(s). We use the data collected by such third parties to help us administer and improve the quality of KTSPL’s website(s) or mobile application(s) and to analyse usage of the same. Such third parties may combine the information that we provide about you with other information that they have collected. You can edit your browser settings to disable cookies but to do so you may not be able to utilize certain functionality of the website(s) of KTSPL.

    We may also collect information regarding your IP address, browser type, domain name and access time. This information is used for KTSPL’s research purposes. This is unrelated to and separate from your personal data. In rare instances, IP addresses may be used to assist in deterring and/or preventing abusive or criminal activity on the website.

    If you interact with KTSPL on social media platforms (for example if you “Like” KTSPL’s Facebook page), KTSPL can interact with you and send you messages via these platforms. KTSPL will interact with you in accordance with the social media platform’s rules but we are not responsible for how the platform operators collect and handle your personal data. We are not responsible for what third parties post on our social media accounts.

  5. Kinds of Information Collected
    For the different purposes in the course of conducting KTSPL’s business, you may be required to provide to KTSPL your personal data, which may include your name, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, mailing address, contact number, membership number, age, marital status, family status, educational level, occupation, username and password, etc. Details of personal data and information to be collected will be set out in the relevant Personal Information Collection Statement (“PICS”) provided to you upon collection of such data and information.

  6. Main Purposes and Uses of Information Collected
    KTSPL will use your personal data for specific purposes identified in the PICS provided to you when your personal data is collected.

    In addition, KTSPL may use your personal data for the following purpose:

    1. identifying and verifying your identity;
    2. communicating with you in respect of your use of KTSPL’s services, products, mobile application(s) and/or website(s) (as the case maybe);
    3. daily operation and administration including but not limited to account creation and maintenance;
    4. monitoring and analysing usage of its services, products, mobile application(s) and/or website(s) (as the case maybe) to help the further development and improvement of its services, products, mobile application(s) and/or website(s);
    5. research and development in relation to customer behavior;
    6. information management and database administration;
    7. detection, investigation and/or prevention of activities that may violate our policies or maybe illegal;
    8. collection or recovery of any debt owed by you to KTSPL.

  7. Accuracy of Information
    You may be requested to provide to KTSPL certain personal data (particularly relating to your contact information) for specific services. If you fail to provide or update accurate information as requested for each specific service, the provision of such services by KTSPL may be affected.

  8. Retention of Information
    KTSPL will retain your personal data for a period no longer than necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which they are or are to be used. If you are a subscriber of KTSPL services, your personal data will be retained for a reasonable period after termination of your subscription for verification and audit purposes. The above is subject to any legal, statutory, regulatory or accounting requirements.

  9. Third Party Merchants
    KTSPL may have on-line stores or some services and/or products which are hosted in the website(s) of KTSPL but are operated by third party merchants. If you provide your personal data to the third party merchants in order to use, order or receive any services and/or products from the third party merchants, please note that your personal data is beyond the control of KTSPL and thus is outside the scope of protection afforded by KTSPL.

  10. Third Party Websites
    The website(s) of KTSPL may from time to time contain linkages to other websites. These other websites are independent from the website(s) of KTSPL. KTSPL has no control or management over the contents of such other websites or their privacy policies or compliance with the law. You should be fully aware that the provisions of such links do not constitute an endorsement, approval, or any form of association by or with KTSPL. KTSPL has no control over your personal data submitted by you, if any, to other websites. This Privacy Policy Statement only applies to the website(s) of KTSPL. You should read the respective privacy policies of other websites.

  11. Service Providers
    KTSPL may provide your personal data to the people and companies providing services to KTSPL in connection with the specific purposes set out in the PICS and paragraph 6 above (“KTSPL Service Providers”). In these cases, the KTSPL Service Providers are required to use your personal data consistent with the agreements KTSPL enters into with them as well as this Privacy Policy Statement.

  12. Security of Information
    The physical records of your personal data will be stored in secured places with restricted access. The electronic records of your personal data will be stored in the servers of KTSPL located in secured places and protected by adequate IT security measures (e.g. encryption for transmission of sensitive data through the internet in appropriate cases). Only authorized personnel of KTSPL (who have been trained to handle your personal data properly and bound by a duty of confidentiality) will have access to these records and servers on a “need-to-know” and “need-to-use” basis.

    No data transmission over the internet or any other public network can be guaranteed to be completely secure, and privacy cannot be assured in your communications to us. You are encouraged to protect against unauthorized access to your password. You are advised to sign out from your account when finished particularly when using a shared computer.

  13. Exclusion
    KTSPL may disclose your personal data as required by law, by any government departments, regulatory authorities, enforcement agencies and courts of competent jurisdiction. KTSPL excludes all liability for disclosure of your personal data in this manner.

  14. Use in Legal Proceedings etc.
    If it becomes necessary for KTSPL to take action against you for recovering from you the debt you owe to KTSPL, you agree that your personal data can be used by KTSPL in identifying and taking legal action against you.

  15. Access and Correction of Information and Withdrawal of Consent
    You have the right to request in writing to the Personal Data Privacy Officer of KTSPL:
    1. for access to your personal data held by KTSPL (if any);
    2. require KTSPL to correct your personal data that is inaccurate (if any); and
    3. withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data (such withdrawal may, however, affect our services to you).

    All such requests will be handled promptly in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. KTSPL may charge a reasonable fee for processing your data access request.

  16. Direct Marketing
    We cannot use your personal data for direct marketing purposes without your consent. Subject to your consent, we may use your personal data for direct marketing in accordance with the PICS provided to you upon collection of your personal data. You may withdraw your consent any time in by writing to the Personal Data Privacy Officer of KTSPL by email at, using the subject “Personal Data”.

  17. Change of Privacy Policy
    This Privacy Policy Statement may from time to time be updated, revised and changed. Any change, update or modification will be effective immediately upon being posted on website(s) of KTSPL. You are advised to check it on a regular basis.

  18. Change of Control
    If the ownership of certain business of KTSPL changes, KTSPL may need to transfer your personal data to the new owner of such business so the new owner may continue to operate the business subject to the condition that the new owner shall make use of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy Statement. You will be notified of such transfer and you may decide to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data.

  19. Enquiries
    If you have any questions or wish to access or correct your personal data or withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data held by KTSPL, please contact the Personal Data Privacy Officer of KTSPL by email at, using the subject “Personal Data”.

  20. English Version
    If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese version of this Privacy Policy Statement, the English version shall prevail.


Commuting and Accessibility

The project site of the Kai Tak Sports Park takes an area of around 28 hectares in the north apron of the former airport.

Kai Tak Station and Sung Wong Toi Station are within 10 minutes’ walk; with Station Square connecting these stations to Kai Tak Sports Park.

Pedestrian walkways
Pedestrian walkways will connect the Kai Tak Sports Park to new developments in To Kwa Wan, Ma Tau Kok, Kowloon City and Kai Tak districts.

Kai Tak Sports Park is located near two public transport interchanges.

Kai Tak Sports Park is located near Kowloon City Ferry Pier.

The precinct provides ample public parking spaces.

*Final designs are subject to change.


Other Features

Sports and Leisure facilities to be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, all day, every day.

The public open space will cater to a diverse range of user groups from community and participatory sports, active recreation, and sports events. It is composed of a rich tapestry of activity and education zones, galleries, trails and elements that honor the iconic Kai Tak Airport and heritage.

Sports Avenue
The Sports Avenue runs across the entire precinct from North to South, offering connections from the adjacent Station Square the Kai Tak and Sung Wong Toi MTR Stations, and through to the harbourfront promenade.

Main Plaza
Located in the heartbeat of the precinct, the Main Plaza can be used for community recreation activities or events. The canopy over the Main Plaza is designed to provide abundant shade for visitors during event and crowd dispersal, and underneath the Main Plaza, a sub-podium passageway will offer an additional visitor dispersal route during events.

Event Village
Located east of the Main Stadium, the Event Village offers a mix of lawn and concrete floor surfaces suitable for different sports activities or extension programmes for major events.

South Plaza
Located in the southern part of the precinct, the South Plaza offers an open-air multi-purpose space for a wide range of activities inclusive of trails and activity zones. The South Plaza connects the harbourfront promenade through an outdoor amphitheatre-like terrace.

Neighbourhood Park
The Neighbourhood Park at the northeastern corner of the precinct will be equipped with courts for ball games as well as a cycling track, a jogging trail, a children’s playground and a lawn for recreation.

Dining Cove
The Dining Cove which overlooks the Victoria Harbour will offer a diverse range of food and beverage options.

In addition to restaurants, retail shops, and a health and wellness centre, there will be an international-standard bowling centre with 40 lanes suitable for hosting international tournaments.
*Final designs are subject to change.



Major Venues

A wide variety of international standard sports facilities suitable for both professional and amateur athletes.

Main Stadium
A Main Stadium with a fixed seating capacity of 50,000, with the theme “Pearl of the Orient” as its design inspiration, it boasts a retractable roof and flexible pitch surface that can host a wide range of international, regional and local events in any weather.
The facility has been designed to meet the standards of major international events with customisable staging and seating configurations that cater to various events and crowd sizes. It also adopts a flexible pitch system which can be switched between quality natural turf for premier football or rugby events, to other surface for a myriad of sports, entertainment, and community events. The South Stand honours the great Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tradition, with a vast activity platform set against a panoramic glass wall that provides exceptional views toward Victoria Harbour.


Indoor Sports Centre
An Indoor Sports Centre with a seating capacity of up to 10,000, with 80% of the seats retractable or removable that caters for different events. The venue has been designed to meet the standard of major international tournaments including badminton, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, table tennis, volleyball and more. The ancillary sports hall offers a seating capacity of up to 500.

With the use of different arena overlay floor surfaces and removable spectator seating system, the venue can be configured for different sports activities, from elite competitions to community use. Together, the main arena and ancillary sports hall can provide the equivalent space of 12 standard basketball courts for community use when all spectator seats are removed. 


Public Sports Ground
A Public Sports Ground with a seating capacity of 5,000, suitable for hosting school sports days, athletics meets, local football and rugby matches, as well as team and athlete training sessions. With the exception of major events, the Public Sports Ground will be open daily to the public for jogging and quali-walk free of charge.
*Final designs are subject to change.